Join the campaign

Thank you for your interest in getting involved in the Right to Repair European campaign!

There are several ways for you to join our fight for longer lasting and more repairable products, depending on how involved you would like to be in our activities: 

Become a member

If you are a non-profit organisation, a network of community repair initiatives or professional repairers, an academic institution or a consultancy firm showing a commitment to the cause of a universal Right to Repair and you are able to actively take part in the campaign, you can apply to become a member at

Members are listed on our website and contribute to shaping the campaign through its online tools. 

In return, they are expected to share their findings, activities and insights with others, as well as to give visibility to the initiatives and communications of the campaign in their own countries/networks.

Become a supporter

If you are an organisation that shows a commitment to the cause of a universal Right to Repair and are able to financially support the campaign, you can become a sponsor for a year or more by reaching out to

In return, you’ll be able to communicate about being a supporter of the campaign and you’ll be listed as a sponsor on our website. 

Endorse the campaign

If you are an NGO, an individual community repair initiative, repair business or a public institution (city council, environmental agency etc), and you want to endorse us without being actively involved in campaigning at EU level,” you can show your support to the campaign by communicating your endorsement on your own channels using our logo. You can apply by reaching out to

In return, you’ll appear on our website on a map of endorsers from across Europe. 

Individual support

Are you an individual who shares our values and mission and who’d like to support the campaign? 

You can do so by subscribing to our monthly newsletter here, that way, you’ll be kept informed of what we’re doing and you will be able to get involved with any actions taking place near you and by donating to the campaign here.