Henrik Huseby, a Norwegian independent repairer and small business owner is being sued by Apple, a $1 trillion company for allegedly importing “counterfeit” iPhone screens, a claim he successfully denied in court.

While Apple lost the original case in 2018, it won in appeal earlier this year and Huseby has been fined with the equivalent of 10795 EURO in court costs and fines to Apple. He decided to appeal to the Norwegian Supreme Court and his case will be heard on the 24th of March 2020 but for this, he needs support to pay the legal fees. You can help him by donating here.

This is the ultimate David vs Goliath fight, and it’s a struggle we can’t afford to lose.

Repairing and extending electronics lifespan is always the greenest option. Independent repairers plan a crucial role in reducing unnecessary electrical waste, and often perform repairs that manufacturers aren’t doing themselves.

The Restart Project just published a podcast interview with Huseby, in which he discusses how he runs his business alone and he’s trusted by local police, who repair their phones with him. We talk to him about his small town, his work and how he got into it, and why he decided to stand up against a trillion dollar company. Listen below or read more on Restart’s website

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