Many organisations, individuals, politicians, consumer organisations and producers have already realised that there is something wrong with the numbers of products thrown away . The e-waste we produce annually is as large as 4500 Eiffel towers and recycling cannot keep up the pace of the waste production. Meanwhile repair offers a solution to keep products for longer and reduce the need for new materials.

As part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival, we were invited to present the campaign, alongside talks by Mathieu Rama from RREUSE, Zuzana Prochazkova from Repairably and Blanca Callén from Restarters BCN. We discussed whether we’re still able to repair, whether it makes economic sense, how to recognise repairable products, what policymakers are doing about the issue and what can consumers do.

Watch the video above if you’ve missed the live session!

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