We believe in the right to repair

Who we are

We are people, we are repairers, we are sustainability activists, we are community. 

The Right to Repair campaign was launched in September 2019, and quickly grew since to over 100 organisations active around the cause of repair in more than 20 European countries. 

The campaign members represent community repair groups, environmental activists, social economy actors, self repair advocates and any citizen who would like to obtain their right to repair.

We’re fighting to remove the barriers to repair our products, so they can last for longer. Why?

The problem is simple. The products we use everyday are getting harder and harder to repair. E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, with phone and laptops manufacturers making their products harder to fix. And it’s not just digital devices – the amount of household appliances failing within 5 years of their purchase is also skyrocketing. 

We’ve had enough. On every metric – emissions, social impact, waste – this can’t go on. So we’re committing to doing something about it. We want the Right to Repair. 

Steering group members