We believe in the right to repair

Who we are

We are a coalition of European organizations active around the cause of repair.

We are based in many European countries and represent community repair groups, environmental activists, social economy actors, self repair advocates and any citizen who would like to obtain their right to repair.

Steering group members

Our vision & mission

Through the Right to Repair campaign, we want to:

Make the Right to repair as mainstream and inclusive as possible, by:

  • Informing citizens and consumers about the opportunities and barriers to their right to repair
  • Involving them in the campaigning and helping them recognize we have the power to make a positive change for the planet, and for communities

Ask for a universal Right to repair and ambitious policy measures to achieve it, through:

  • Asking for access to repair information and spare parts for all – not just professionals
  • Bringing urgency to policymakers on the need for more repairable and longer-lasting products, at national and European level
  • Obtaining an EU-wide repair labelling system to guide consumers towards durable, repairable products
  • Reinforcing our network of supporting Member States and business partners
  • Promoting repair beyond the EU to accelerate market transformation at global level

Raise the profile of and integrate repair in wider debates such as:

  • Climate change mitigation, circular economy transition, environmental justice, socio-economic inequality, and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Unleashing the potential for green job creation in the social and conventional economy