EU legislators have a rare opportunity to make a difference moving us away from a throw-away economy. But we’re at risk of missing this opportunity, so act now!

This year’s International Repair Day was dedicated to “Repair for Everyone”. If we are to truly make repair available to everyone, for all products, it needs to be affordable and freed from monopolistic anti-repair practices.

While the Consumer Protection Committee of the EU Parliament showed broad support for right to repair, our national representatives are still hesitant to do so. Without them on our side, we will barely obtain any changes.

Ahead of the decision of the Council of the EU on new repair rules at the end of November, ask your national representatives to vote for truly game-changing legislation! Compose and send them an email below in just a few clicks. If you can, personalise the email by adding something in your native language, as it will be sent to EU representatives from your country.

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21 November 2023

The European Parliament showed resounding support for consumers’ right to repair during today’s pivotal vote on the “Common rules promoting the repair of goods”. The position of the Council of the EU’s unfortunately represents a step back and we are now calling on interninstitutional negotiators to keep the Parliament’s ambitius provisions in the final text.

7 November 2023

This article exposes the unfair reality of spare part prices. To make repair affordable, we need reasonable prices for original parts, clear acceptance for the use of compatible parts (third party, used or 3D-printed) and a solid ban on parts pairing.