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    This form aims to support the work of the Right to Repair campaign. The European Commission is currently investigating new laws which would aim to improve the environmental performance of batteries and products containing batteries. One aspect being considered is a "removability and replaceability" clause. We think this is important from the perspective of repairing products because we “sense” that a growing number of products contain batteries that are difficult to remove and replace - for example if they are glued in place or if spares are not available.

    In some cases difficult to remove or replace batteries might mean devices become waste before they need to. Very little data is available on the topic of battery replaceability so we are carrying out a small study which this survey is part of. We aim to use the results of the survey to carry out advocacy work with policy makers in Brussels.

    The first part is more general about batteries in products, a second part looks at some specific product groups. Please note after section 1 the additional questions in the form are optional. If you have additional information or suggestions which you think might be helpful for our project don’t hesitate to leave a written comment or contact us directly on and

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