Help us #EndObsolescence!

Update: the amendments we campaigned for were adopted by the European Parliament, which approved the amended report in full on Wednesday 25th.

A big thank you to everyone who reached out to their MEP(s) calling to #EndObsolescence!

This week, the European Parliament will vote on a report on sustainable products.

This report is all about how to make sustainable products the norm in the EU and empower consumers to play a stronger role in the green transition.

Unfortunately, the current version was watered down by liberals and conservatives. Read more information here.

This is worrying. It shows that the European Parliament which traditionally supports the right to repair is divided on how to make it happen despite the overwhelming support from Europeans for these measures. But MEPs can improve the report during the final vote.

How can you help:

By sending an email to your MEP(s):

  • Identify one or several MEP(s) that represent you by clicking here for Renew and here for EPP (the two political parties we are targeting) and selecting your country in the dropdown menu
  • Copy and paste their email addresses in your email, use subject “We ask you to #EndObsolescence!”
  • Use or adapt this text (also available here in German, Italian, French). Don’t forget to change the XX with the name of the MEP you’re sending it to, your name and your country. And click send!

Dear XX,

My name is XX and I am based in XX. I am reaching out about the upcoming vote on the INI report “Towards a sustainable single market for business and consumers” taking place on Monday 23rd of November.

The current version of the report contains elements that go against consumers’ wish to choose repairable products and fail to address the issue of premature obsolescence – a widespread source of consumer dissatisfaction.

I therefore urge you to:

  1. Adopt amendment 1 on the mandatory labelling of products. The information on reparability should be easy to understand and comparable and we know this will not be achieved through voluntary schemes.
  2. Adopt amendment 2 calling to fight premature obsolescence which doesn’t only include the most blatant practices, whose sole purpose is to deliberately shorten the lifetime of a given product.

I hope to be able to count on you to protect consumers and the environment during this vote.

Thank you in advance,

By contacting your MEP(s) on social media:

  • Identify one or several MEP(s) you’d like to reach out to by clicking here for Renew and here for EPP (the two political parties we are targeting) and selecting your country in the dropdown menu
  • Copy paste their twitter handle (it’s usually the same one for other social media such as Instagram and Facebook)
  • Use one of these tweets with the #EndObsolescence and replace the XX with the MEP’s handle

    The @Europarl_EN has a chance to make strides in the fight against the throwaway economy on Monday. Will @XX side with consumers by adopting amendments 1 and 2 or corporate interests? #EndObsolescence

    Europeans want better, repairable products to become the norm. But some MEPs are choosing corporate interests over people and the planet. Will you be one of them @XX? Adopt amendments 1 and 2 to #EndObsolescence

    People are tired of products that are designed to break. That’s why I’m asking @XX to do the right thing for people and the planet in a key vote on Monday. Adopt amendments 1 and 2 and #EndObsolescence

    The @Europarl_EN will tell us if they are with or against consumers on Monday. @XX, please vote for better, repairable products to be the norm by adopting amendments 1 and 2! #EndObsolescence

Thank you so much for your help!